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Has anyone here ever completed an ulpan in Israel? I'm looking for one that lasts a few months, but googling is a bit overwhelming, so I thought I'd check for any personal experience here. I don't want to be on a kibbutz, and also I'm not Jewish.  I'd appreciate any stories or advice on where to start, besides just, you know, the internet. :) Thanks! 
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I did an ulpan a few years ago but it was on a kibbutz. Sorry, I know that's not a lot of help, but it was so much fun as we had people from all over the world so everything was in Hebrew.
Ulpan Gordon in Tel Aviv - that's variant number one
or check ulpanim at the universities, in TAU, Bar-Ilan or BGU, they have different levels and are pretty good
just write me if you need any other help)
good luck!