nothx (k0dama) wrote in linguaphiles,

Beginner in French looking for online resources for learning

I have a feeling I will be going to Montreal for work-related reasons at the end of August for a week or so, so I thought I would use this as motivation to get myself back into studying French!

Last I tried to study French I got as far as Lesson 15 in Pimsleur's French. It taught me some basic survivor French, like "where is the bathroom" "how much is this" "what time is it" "I would like to..."
Lesson 15 is when a lot of numbers show up, namely numbers 11 through 19, followed by 20-29 in lesson 16 and then 30-50 in lesson 17.

The numbers are really hard for me to learn verbally (Pimsleur doesn't seem like the ideal way to learn numbers, though it has been helpful for learning phrases) so I found this online:
It is a simple flash with numbers, spelled out in french and then read in french. It's been really helpful for me so that I can rapidly quiz myself.
(Numbers are also important for me to know for work since part of my job involves retail/interface with customers)

Any beginner's resources for French studies very welcome.
Especially regarding French phonics / how to read French.

Also, is Quebec french very different from France french? Is there anything in particular I should look out for? I am assuming that Pimsleur's french is teaching me French as expected in France.

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