Heather (hadgm) wrote in linguaphiles,

Korean translation

I went to a Korean festival yesterday and noticed these boxes piled up behind a display booth.  The English translation has me stumped as to what it could be, and I'm hoping the Korean words above it say what it is.  There was nothing at the booth itself that seemed remotely close to this description. What was in these boxes? (May or may not be SFW?) Thanks!

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I studied Korean for a year at DLI, but for some reason they never taught us the phrase for "vagina wet tissue for lady".

In any case, the Hangul script is read "(chu) mi shi ang", if my aging memory hasn't completely betrayed me.

Deleted comment

Mystery solved! Thank you so much :)
I would love to know whether the Vagina Wet Tissue For Men sells.
Interesting. In Santiago, Chile (where I live) I was at a Korean grocery store yesterday with a Venezuelan friend (got that?), and we noticed that they sold toilet paper there. It's hard to imagine how different it could be to merit importing it all the way from Korea. But then, as I pointed out, I prefer American dishwashing detergent over Chilean, so there you go. Anyway, seems like "wet-wipes for adults" is what they meant.
Those seem like awfully huge boxes for only ten Vagina Wet Tissues For Lady! Unless the ct in 10ct is short for... uh... something else.