Laura 真理子 (iloveyouohno) wrote in linguaphiles,
Laura 真理子

Pinyin to Chinese logograms

Long time since my last activity in this community. Hello again :)

I am hoping that someone can help me convert pinyin "tian qi jiu" into (coherent) Chinese logograms. Either simplified or traditional will do. Also, it would be helpful, if you could include add the tone to each syllable so I could pronounce it at least somewhat understandably!

As the background to my request: I bruise very easily and I recently recalled hearing from one of my old friends in the US long ago that she had a Chinese medicinal product at home that you could apply to the skin to help bruises heal faster. After doing some research, I think it's called "tian qi jiu." Brief searches for what's in it have proven fruitless, but I'm hoping to my search to slightly more successful after finding out the Chinese characters for it. I live in Germany now, so going to a Chinatown is not an option, but there are some "TCM-Heilpraktiker" (Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine), though I think I have to pay out of pocket to see them despite the excellent German state health care system, thus the research in advance.

Thanks in advance!

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