Andrew (aindreas) wrote in linguaphiles,

Sounds of Arabic

I'm on day two of trying to crack Arabic phonetics, specifically Levantine/Eastern Arabic. I've been googling for visual and written breakdowns of how to pronounce /q/, /ʕ/, and /ʔ/. I haven't found anything that's proving to be of any help. It would be great if there were something for Arabic like there is for English/Spanish/German here: Does anyone know of a similar site?

Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions for what my body needs to do to accurately reproduce these sounds? I'm aware that English and a myriad of other languages (I speak EN, DE, ES, FR) contain glottal stops, but I've never had to consciously implement it in any of my other languages, and am struggling with how it works exactly.

Thanks for your help.
Tags: arabic

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