taku_makoto (taku_makoto) wrote in linguaphiles,

Korean language / Hangeul help pleeease ^^

Hello, can anyone help me? I really want to write this in Hangeul (and know English pronunciation):

'Love Confession of a Cannibal, to the Sun[Taeyang] I love'

or similar: [For Taeyang,] a Love Letter from a Cannibal.  / A Cannibal's love confession for the Sun [Sun = Taeyang]

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I don't understand. Do you want the English phrase transcribed into Hangeul or do you actually want it translated into Korean?
Hello *^_^*, I'm looking for it to be translated into Korean (in its natural form - Hangeul) but then also Korean translation in English letters so as I know how to pronounce it in Korean. I'm sorry. I know its a lot to ask.
It's not much to ask, really. But I'm not a fluent speaker of Korean so get this checked out by one before you get it tattooed on your butt or anything:

식인종의 사람의 태양에게 사랑고백 siginjong-ŭi saram-ŭi taeyang-ege sarang-gobaek

Note that the particle ŭi is colloquially pronounced 에 e. Also, I'm assuming for purposes of particle selection that "Sun" here is personified but not honorified.
This is excellent! *^_^*Thank you from the warmest part of my heart. I really appreciate your help. You're incredibly kind. I will check it out, though I'm sure its perfect. And thank you for the heads up about the 'ui'. *^_^* much love.