jaderabbit (jaderabbit) wrote in linguaphiles,

Gender-neutral Spanish pronouns?

I'm working on a speculative fiction story that needs gender-neutral Spanish pronouns. My Spanish is rusty (and was never very sophisticated to start with), so I could use some help. I found an article that states near the end that "ello" is a gender-neutral pronoun...is that assertion correct? If so, is it archaic or just little-used? And what would the related pronouns be?

My story is set in The Future!, so if there are any cutting-edge gender-neutral Spanish pronouns, I'd like to know what they are. Otherwise, I may have to use "ello" or make some up.

EDIT: Thanks for the responses so far. I'm looking for something like "zie/zir" in Spanish. "Ello" sounds like a poor fit. If nothing exists, I will make something up.
Tags: gender, spanish

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