Neverspeak (iconoclass) wrote in linguaphiles,

Writing خ ح ج in the middle of a word

I'm trying to figure out how to write Arabic words in which ج خ or ح appear connected in the middle of the word, particularly يَطْبُخونَ. I've learned to write this way when one of these letters is the second letter:

with the ت on the upper right edge of ح. But i will have to pile a ton of letters up on the upper right edge of خ if I do that in this case. It doesn't seem practical.
Tags: arabic, handwriting
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Write yāʾ, then ṭāʾ, then go diagonally up then down, as if drawing a little A without the bar. At the bottom left of the A-shape, pull back to write the khāʾ as in your picture. Then go back and put the dot of the bāʾ under the A-shape.

Like this?

Yes, but make the ṭāʾ bigger and the A-shape smaller and flatter. And don't forget the dot on top of the khāʾ.