Tabouli the animate salad (tabouli) wrote in linguaphiles,
Tabouli the animate salad

Word for word translation: URGENT!

Hi Linguaphiles, I'm trying to finish a handbook for teachers in which I help them understand the way their international students phrase things in English.

What I want to do is provide a word-for-word translation of the same sentence in Mandarin, Arabic and Indonesian, to illustrate how differently different languages organise information and phrase things. The sentence is:

"I've lost the book I bought yesterday at the university."

For example, a word for word translation into Mandarin would be something like this (I'm using pinyin with no tone indicators because I'm in a rush here!)

"Wo diu le zuotian zai daxue mai de shu"

="I lose (le) yesterday at university buy (de) book"

I'm not sure if this is correct (please correct it if not!), but this should illustrate what I mean.

Help me, Linguaphiles!

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