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Material for learning English

The previous post about books for a 12-year-old gave me the idea to ask you this:

I am looking for materials to introduce my 7-year-old to English. He doesn't speak English at all. He will only be learning English in school starting next year, but he can read German well.

I tend to think books would not be very productive because he'd need to know how to pronounce the words and in that books aren't that helpful. So I'm leaning towards multimedia (book with audio?) or computer games / apps. The only things I have seen are the "Learn English" apps with Captn Sharky etc and I must say I don't like them much. The motivation is too school-like and not content-driven.

But then I got a nice English picture book from my father when I was five, which just had the words written next to each bird, tree, etc. in the picture, and it worked fine for me. So if you know any good books of that kind, that would be nice, too.

I don't want to make him shy away from it, so it should be really easy. Any ideas?
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