frozen fields (frozen_fields) wrote in linguaphiles,
frozen fields

Texts for an Early Learner of English

Hi everyone,
I'm going to be tutoring a 12-year-old kid in English and I'm looking for some texts that might be suitable for that. The texts would need to be fun, memorable, creative, and preferably short. This book is a nice example of a creative approach, though it's not really for reading and it's certainly not for kids. This one is an even better example: the "experiments" are short (about two pages), memorable, clearly written, and they all start with everyday situations. Once again, it's obviously not for kids.
I don't have a good sense of what literature might appeal to a 12-year-old, as I've never taught kids, so I'll greatly appreciate any suggestions! The idea is to find something imaginative, but that would also have practical vocabulary. From what I know, the kid does well with most subjects in school, he's into online gaming and scary stories, but his English is very, very basic.
If anyone has any tips on fun/engaging textbooks, that would be great too. I'd really want him to enjoy our sessions.
Thanks in advance.
Tags: books, english, language instruction

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