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Talking of bad translation

In the summer at work I had a load of tourism leaflets. It was the same thing in each language (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin) , a map of the site, and a little introductory text. On the map was a designated area for picnics- it was marked as "picnic area", "Picnicplatz" "area de picnic" etc etc.

The Russian one however, referred to it as the "touristic zone" (something like зона тоуристикская, but not quite that, because googling it gives me nothing- I can understand a fair bit in Russian, but I don't speak the language). This seemed very strange, because the whole map was of a tourist site. A Polish colleague told me the Polish edition of the map had some very strange choice of phrases too. Is that really what it would be called, or is it a translation mistake?

(If you're wondering why they had Dutch maps, when Dutch people all tend to speak English, the place was very popular with bustrips of elderly Dutch people, who didn't speak much English. The Polish ones were because you got a lot of Polish people resident in the UK bringing visiting relatives. The only language regularly needed that they didn't have was Portuguese, but they just made do with Spanish ones.)
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