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I am choosing a name for a company which will be creating a new therapy for arthritis in United States.
How does the name ORTOGEN.COM sounds to you?
In my mind it is a combination of orthopedics and genes, but even if others wouldn't see this connection, I wouldn't mind it. I just want to make sure that it doesn't have any hidden negative associations in it. What do you think? How would an average American interpret the name ORTOGEN? Does it sound like a good biotech company?

Current choices are. Some of them may hint to a couple more features of the technology: use of near infrared light (NIR), optics and DNA primers. Also, real cure is the goal.

  1. ortogen.com

  2. bionir.com

  3. orthobeam.com

  4. geneor.com

  5. geneora.com

  6. optocure.com

  7. optogena.com

  8. optoprime.com

  9. niriadna.com

I will bundle this question with another one. The same R&D team is going to establish a non-profit organization to solicit donations and grant money designed for non-profit organizations. It is proper because a part of research is very basic and investors would not fund basic research. So part of the research is commercial with the goal to sell the company and the part of the research is long-term with the goal to publish and share. So the non-profit foundation is going to be widely focused on promising therapies.
So far my best idea for the non-profit is

10. futurecure.org

For The Future Cure Foundation. Logically, it would focus on future medical technologies.
How does it sound?

P.S. Thanks to all commenters. Here are couple more ideas for the non-profit foundation.

14A. Institute for photonic, acoustic and genetic medicine (ipagm.org)
11.  Institute for optical, acoustic and genetic medicine (oagm.org)
12, Institute for physico-genetic medicine (physgenmed.org)
13. Or same abbreviated as (phygenmed.org), (in Russian phygenmed sounds weird, but it is irrelevant.)

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