Tenshinrtaiga (tenshinrtaiga) wrote in linguaphiles,

Russian term of endearment for a daughter

Hello. I'm looking for a Russian term of endearment for a daughter. Also, is there a Russian term of endearment for a girl's father? Basically, I'm writing about a father/daughter and I want to know what they would call each other to show that they are close. The English equivalent would be a daughter calling her father "daddy" instead of just "dad" or "father". This shows that they are closer than a typical father/daughter relationship. There isn't exactly an equivalent term for a daughter, maybe "princess" or "baby girl". But hopefully you get the idea of what I'm looking for.


EDIT: Also, please post your answer using both the Cyrillic alphabet as well as the Romanized version of the word. Thank you.
Tags: russian

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