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other Indian languages similar to Hindi?

So I've been seeing a Gujarati guy, it's pretty informal/nothing serious. But I'd like to learn it to be able to talk more to his family, extended and such. I'm in luck, for near my area, at the Indian cultural center, they offer a Gujarati class weekly that I'm interested in starting.

Although I understand Tamil (my dad's mother-tongue, he is originally from Chennai, south India) I am horrible at speaking it and I don't read/write it. I'm better in Hindi because I've studied it longer, speak it to my mom and aunt, and there are more resources in general to learn - plus all the Bollywood movies! And it's easy to learn - reading, writing, and grammar are not as complex. Tamil I believe is much more inflected and complex, linguistically speaking.

I am guessing that, were I to study Gujarati, it would not be as hard... Do you believe the same could be said of other languages deriving from Sanskrit - Marathi, Punjabi, Nepali, and hm..I think I may be missing one - I used to think that Bengali was very similar but that was before I heard my Bengali friend talking and it's very different! Anyway - do you believe there's a great deal of overlap with the grammar and/or vocabulary between Hindi and any one of these languages that might make one of these easier to learn, than say a Dravidian language? Thank you all for your opinions and feedback on this!
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