Humming Hut (familyfoo) wrote in linguaphiles,
Humming Hut

English people learning other languages

Greetings, good people.
Partly out of sheer curiousity, but mostly because it should help me in my writing, I would be happy to know what happens when native English speakers learn other languages: what obstacles they meet, what mistakes they often make, what accents they produce. If you taught English speakers, please, share your observations. If you were the learner, please, tell of your difficulties and discoveries. Feel free to talk a lot.
The story is about a young English girl, who had little experience with French and even less with German (she is somewhat interested in studying), facing quite a challenge: a life amidst speakers of an entirely unknown language. Alas, I haven't decided on it's nature yet (I had great plans, all thwarted by immeasurable sloth), and this is why I am interested in hearing about any language learning/teaching stories. French and German included :)
Tags: accents, english, learning languages

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