Drama Shark (varyar) wrote in linguaphiles,
Drama Shark

Syriac word for vampire/ghoul?

Hi there folks,

I was wondering if anybody know what the Syriac word for a vampire or ghoul might be? A character in my next book is a Chaldean Catholic vampire hunter, and I was thinking that's the term she'd use for her enemies. I found an online Syriac dictionary, but - in a totally and completely shocking turn of events - it didn't have any suggestions for vampire. The French word for ghoul - goule - gave me ܒܘܼܡܵܐ 'buma or ܥܘܼܕܵܐ 'uda but those seem to refer to owls or unclean birds in general; a bit of a stretch, perhaps, although IIRC there's some Biblical/traditional associations between owls and monsters?

At any rate, can anybody offer a more definitive answer - please and thank you!

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