Kalevi (coranglaisman) wrote in linguaphiles,

Another accent post - Finnish

I saw feuerwald's post below and I've actually been curious for a while just how my Finnish sounds, so I decided I would also post a short SoundCloud excerpt to try and find out. What country do you think I come from? What do you think is my native language? I know I'm not speaking in spoken language since I'm reading a written text, but do I carry any particular regional accents beyond a possible foreign accent? (I listen to a lot of Karelian music, but I'm not sure I've picked anything up besides some region-specific vocabulary that I'm not using here.) And I know my numbers are wonky and I messed up vowel lengths in a couple places, which numbers I just need to work on more, and I got tripped up reading quickly even though vowel length is not normally a problem for me.

MUCH appreciated if you do take the time to give me feedback.

EDIT: This is the text I'm reading, in case it makes things easier.
Tags: accents, finnish

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