wretched St.Matte [&attendant demonic menagerie] (vghoul) wrote in linguaphiles,
wretched St.Matte [&attendant demonic menagerie]

old norse vs my terrible, horrible conjugation skills

Hello all.

Been trying to render a certain fictional motto [ "Ex Ignorantia ad Sapientiam, e Luce ad Tenebras" ] in O.N. for a while. Definitely favoring heimskr, kunnandi, ljos and myrkr, for the four nouns in the phrase, but:

1) assuming "af" and "til" are in fact the proper prepositions [to stand in for 'ex'/'ad'], am finding it difficult to find textual examples of how a couple of these words should be properly conj'd to match "af" and "til." Particularly, I can't seem to find any uses of "myrkr" in the genitive. Anyone know of any examples of "[in]to darkness" in extant texts?

2) I guess I'm not even sure I fully grok the distinction between "í" and "til," and it doesn't seem like they even take the same case (genitive vs. accusative) -- is that correct? Which is more appropriate for conveying the sense of moving into/towards Abstraction-as-Place?

man, I suck at this.

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