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From Buttageddon to Bum Rush jokes?

In the early 2000s, Andy Griffiths' kids' book "The day my bum went psycho" was published in the US as "The day my butt went psycho", presumably because at the time the use of the word "bum" for "buttocks" was considered by the US publishers to be unknown to the key market for the book (six-year-old boys). So much so that the follow-up "Bumageddon" had to be retitled "Butt Wars: The Final Conflict".

Fast forward just over a decade, and I see presumably US-based readers making bum jokes in the comments on this article. Has the US embraced the word "bum" as an alternative to "butt" in the last ten years? Would six-year-old American boys these days know it? Is the word "butt" endangered?? (could the Harry Potter series have conceivably played a role, here?)

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