Invader Xan (invaderxan) wrote in linguaphiles,
Invader Xan

Japanese for Scientists

Hello everyone. I was hoping someone here might be able to offer me a little help...

Basically, I'm going to be moving to Tokyo soon to work in scientific research (specifically, in astrophysics). My Japanese is currently pretty basic, so I'd like to get a bit more practice before I go there in a couple of months, but there's one thing in particular which I'm having a little trouble finding very much about...

Can anyone suggest some good resources for Japanese scientific language?

Academic jargon is practically a vernacular in itself, with a few fairly unique ways of saying things which are completely different to everyday conversation. Also, different languages handle technical words differently. In Spanish, for example, technical terms in astronomy tend to be more fully translated and integrated into the language, whereas others such as Italian (if memory serves correctly) tend to use more loan words from English.

Similarly, any info on working in an academic environment in Japan would be very helpful. Even as an obvious 外人, I'd rather not accidentally insult anyone!

Thanks in advance!

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