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Help transcribing a possibly English audio sample

Here's a fun little project some of you linguaphiles might be able to help me out with.

I have an audio sample, which is the piano outro to a song by the British band GRAMMATICS. There is a distorted female voice speaking very quietly under some loud piano. Perhaps it's the female cellist from the band (apparently from Sweden). Or maybe it's just a random audio sample taken from a film or something. In any case, I think that the woman might be speaking German, because at the end I can make out the words "waren tot... danke."

However, I'm having a miserable time understanding really ANY of the rest, if it is German. I know I don't have the greatest Hörverständnis, but I think I can at least blame some of it on the distortion of the audio, haha.

Can anyone (particularly German speakers) have a listen? ANYTHING that you can transcribe would be immensely helpful!

Here's the audio (uploaded to dropbox)

EDIT 1: So far, the consensus among German speakers is that it is NOT German. Perhaps it's Swedish (since the only female band member was Swedish). OR maybe it's something completely different, haha. Any ideas?

EDIT 2: Somehow it never crossed my mind that this could even be in English, but that's what some people are hearing. German and Swedish seem ruled out at this point.
Tags: english, german, swedish, transcription request, whatdoesthissay

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