rabbit rabbit elephant (ficklepig) wrote in linguaphiles,
rabbit rabbit elephant

check my French?

Hi! If anyone has a few minutes, would you look at these sentences and tell me if my scanty French has produced grammatically acceptable, non-bizarre sentences? Do you have any alternate suggestions, especially colloquial turns of phrase, not too youthfully slangy?

Thank you very much.

Sois pas triste, mon cher.

Suis-moi. Martine va a chercher un peu de gâteau.

Je vais te laisser ici tout le seul, si tu te calmes pas.

Ressaisis-toi, mon poulet.

Tais-toi, lapin.

Honte à toi. Comment oses-tu?

Chut! Pas de bruit.

Ne fais pas de foin! (I understand this might be a colloquial expression meaning "don't make a fuss." Would it be generally understood?)

Chut, sois brave.

Lâche-moi, tu sale bête! Tu sale chien!


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