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japanese homework help

Hi all, hope your language studies are going well! I'm trying to give myself homework regularly for Japanese, I know, such a nerd = P anyway...

1. I try to say ‘I hear that’ along the lines of...’I hear that Japan has beautiful scenery.’ Would it be right to say this:

‘Tonokoto desu ( I hear that ) Nihon-ni, utsukushii keshiki arimasu.
Or, should I say, Nihon-ni, utsukushii keshiki arimasu, to kikimasu.

2. The family terms still confuse me a little as, I need to use different ones for myself versus is this right, if i say for ME, I have a younger brother: Watashi-wa otooto motte imasu?

3.Then if I ask someone do they have an older sister, can I say ‘Yuki-san, onii-san motte imasu ka? By the way, older brother and sister seem the same word? Oniisan/ Oneesan?

4. I was trying to ask this question of a local today – i was curious to get their opinion on ‘lifestyle’ or daily life in Japan. I wanted to ask him does he think it’s difficult or easy:
Nihon ni, seikatsu-wa, muzukashii ka yasashii desu to omoimasu?

5.I often want to ask someone what they would recommend, like do you recommend this drink or that one. Or between these two, which one would you recommend? I have found two ways I THINK express this but again if you can correct me that would be great =)

-Dochira ga, osusume desu ka?
-Nani-ga, nomeda / tabeta ho ga ii desu ka?

So in both cases is the same meaning of ‘which would you recommend’ conveyed?

6.It seems there are many ways to indicate ‘I want something.’ Is this just another way, perhaps more formal?
_____ o moratte mo ii desu ka?

Like pan – o, keki-o moratte mo ii desu ka?
But I was thinking, if I also said ‘Keki-o, onegai shimasu’
OR ‘Keki-o, hoshii desu’ ‘Keki-o, tabetai desu’ ‘Kore-wa, kaitai desu’
Seems to me they all mean the same thing as in ‘I want this cake’ lol.

Thank you all for your help and corrections =)

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