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RP, posh accent

Hello again!

In my previous post (here) I asked your opinions on my accent. Thanks everyone for your answers! But because of some comments I'm a little bit confused. (

My teacher of English spoke RP. He was not a native speaker but he visited UK many, many times, so I trusted that man! (. He claimed RP to be the most 'neutral' accent of all the English accents. And he also said that RP would be the best choice for a foreigner, because it is not assosiated with any specific area\region\etc.

So I do try to imitate RP when I speak English. And until now I have thought that RP does not equal a 'posh accent'.

My questions are:
if RP is considered to be 'posh' and somewhat associated with upper-classes, what accent would you call 'neutral' (which has no negative or positive connotations)?

What accent would you expect a foreigner to speak with?

Thank you!

Ah, and most of you were right about where I cme from. I'm Ukrainian, so my native languages are Ukrainian and Russian respectively.

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