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German Masters?

Hello fellow linguaphiles!

I have a couple semesters before I have to make a final decision about a specific masters degree, but I am curious as to what this community might think.

I am not sure if I am even going to apply to my local university yet, but if I did, the choices for a masters having to to with German would be:

1. Teaching German as a Foreign Language

2. German Philology

My main question is, which one of these two masters degrees would open up the most job opportunities on an international level? Perhaps more specifically for someone potentially living in either the United States, Europe or Turkey. (Or a combination of all three!)

Aside from teaching German as a foreign language or German philology, what are some other German related masters programs out there that lead to good job opportunities?

OR, would a masters in anything having to do with German be of any use at all?

Vielen Dank for any comments in advance!
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