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どこでも餅の餅 !

Not sure if I phrased that correctly, but I was trying to say along the lines ' Mochi mochi galore!' or Mochi everywhere!

I am indeed in the neverending land of mochi. Perhaps other places, maybe south Korea and China also, have a lot of mochi?

Training here in Japan has been stressful so I'm trying to incorporate some levity into my life in the form of
和菓子 wagashi. Some questions. =)

~ How is wagashi different from お菓子, okashi?

~ Is there a difference between o-manju, mochi, and daifuku?

~ Does every mochi have the red bean filling inside it, the 'an' or 'anko'? I've heard this word 'mitsu' a lot for a yellow-ish kind of mochi filling, but have no idea what is this.

~ Lastly, I've seen a lot of mochi I think, they are mochi anyway, wrapped inside a leaf.

Is this Kashiwa mochi, 桜餅 cherry blossom mochi, or 道明寺 Domyoji ( the mochi with leaf??)

I guess I can just keep asking 'kono mochi wa, no naka de, nani ka / nani um...flavour... arimasu ka?'
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