sephira (anastasis) wrote in linguaphiles,

Sarcasm mark in Ethiopic script?

Hi linguaphiles!

I'm currently researching an article on useful features that other languages have and English doesn't. I came across something called the "temherte slaq" which seems to be a mark used in Ethiopic script to denote sarcasm or "unreal" language.

Problem is, all references to this mark (and there are a lot of them) seem to date back to one PDF article about encoding Ethiopic languages in Unicode (, page 6). I have no reason to believe the authors of the article were making it up, but I'm a bit suspicious that I haven't seen any other sources. Plus, references to it seem to variously mention it being used in "Ethiopian script," "some languages in Ethiopia" or even just "the Ethiopian language," which makes me wonder why no one is being more specific.

Is anyone here familiar enough with Ethiopian languages to confirm that this is actually a thing?
Tags: punctuation, symbols

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