Whodunnit? (oh_meow) wrote in linguaphiles,

Phrases to do with recording breath

One of my friends is an artist, and she's preparing something for an exhibition of science-related art. Her pieces are about the idea of using things like glass-blowing, chemical reactions etc to permanently record breath, something that's normally entirely fleeting. She's been trying to think of a title, but is stumped. All the english phrases she can think of, such as "catching your breath" sound too cheesy, and greek or latin terms like pulmonography sound like medical instruments. She wants something that is eye-catching, but not too pretentious, and that she won't need to explain a million times to people.

Any ideas? I've sent the address of this post to her, so she can see for herself.
Tags: advice, fun, howdoyousay, idioms, multilingual, multiple languages, names, theremustbeawordforit, translation request

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