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Looking for Native English Speakers to Record

Dear linguaphiles,

I am writing my bachelor thesis in acousic phonetics, and one of the languages investigated in it is English. Acoustic phonetics is a discipline that won't let you get away just with profound musings in research, and hard physical data are required, to get those spectrograms and waveforms necessary for analysis.

Therefore, I need recordings of speech by native speakers. And this is where the linguaphiles come. :)

I'd like to ask the native English speakers in our community to help me with obtaining these raw data. I need 2-3 people to read aloud and record a word list of about 90 English words (the word list and precise instructions will be provided) within the next 1-2 weeks.

Aside from the willingness to participate, and the technical ability to record your voice, the only restriction is the accent that you speak. Check the following list to see if your accent complies with the rules (which were created with the accents of the South of England in mind, mind you).

Feel free to apply if all of the following are true for you:

(1) Your accent is non-rhotic. In other words, if words like COURT and CAUGHT are homophones for you (or at least have the same number of speech sounds in them);
(2) BEAT and BIT are not homophones;
(3) BED and BAD are not homophones;
(4) BED and BID are not homophones
(5) FOOT and STRUT do not rhyme;
(6) BACK and BARK are not homophones (provided you're non-rhotic, of course).

If you're interested, contact me by e-mail: [deleting the address to avoid spam. PM me if you have questions] (also, please, add your age and the area that you come from to the message (neither have to be precise, since this information will only be needed for the description of the sample, and not for the analysis itself)).

Finally, I must say that I'm a poor linguistics student and I won't be able to pay you for your help, but I promise to do one of the following two things (in June):

1) If my thesis turns out to be awful in the end, I'll send my thanks privately to all the participants and will roughly tell them what their recordings were for;

2) If it is quite good (which I'm trying hard to achieve), I'll make a large public post at linguaphiles about the field of my investigation and its results, thanking all those who will have participated.

I'm looking forward to your applications, and feel free to comment or PM me if you have questions or suggestions.
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