klausnick/莫罗佐夫·尼科莱/профан (klausnick) wrote in linguaphiles,

the cast cover of a general review

"The funeral sermon upon poor Le Fever, wrote out
very fairly, as if from a hasty copy.--I take notice of it the more,
because it seems to have been his favourite composition--It is upon
mortality; and is tied length-ways and cross-ways with a yarn thrum, and
then rolled up and twisted round with a half-sheet of dirty blue paper,
which seems to have been once the cast cover of a general review, which to
this day smells horribly of horse drugs.--Whether these marks of
humiliation were designed,--I something doubt;--because at the end of the
sermon (and not at the beginning of it)--very different from his way of
treating the rest, he had wrote--Bravo!"

The words in italic are obscure. The cast cover here is certainly not the thing which covers a broken arm or leg.
Tags: english

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