cafe_kitten (cafe_kitten) wrote in linguaphiles,

similarities to japanese and korean / hardest languages to learn?

I'm sure this question has been posed many times in this community, forgive the redundancy. But I'd be intrigued to hear what others' thoughts are on this.

For example, I have always been interested in east European culture but the languages here seem to me, undoubtedly the hardest of them all! Just looking at all the grammar and conjugations galore of Polish, Hungarian, and Russian too - despite being written in Cyrillic, it seems more regular and phonetic than Polish. I can't even begin to figure out how to pronounce these words!

I am not sure about this, and would love to learn more if any others know or found learning one easier, after the other ( Japanese and Korean. )

I've always loved languages and plan to go back to school after my teaching stint in Japan, to be an ESL teacher in the US and one thing I have noticed - Korean American kids are always in these classes! So I would be interested to learn a little Korean just to help me understand how THEY think in terms of the language.

However, Korean seems incredibly difficult. It's not terribly clear to me, how to pronounce words and how the grammar / honorific systems work. Plus, two number systems, that kind of intimidates me! But (hopefully!) it's a lot easier than I'm making it out to be. =) But no doubt, at least where I'm currently residing ( no/Virginia/ Washington D.C. area) there's tons of opportunities to hear and speak it!

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