r_blackcat (r_blackcat) wrote in linguaphiles,

Russian to English (or Old English)

Hi, Linguafiles! Please, translate the following frase from Russian to English (or, even better, to Old English - but I don't mean Anglo-Saxon, just English of some centuries ago).
Мы уже давно не общались со здешними людьми, и языка этих мест почти
никто не знает. Но если тебе известен английский, мы можем попробовать говорить на нём.

How much “old” it should be, I don’t really know – just enough to show that a caracter speaks not modern English. I would like to have “thee” and “thou” instead of “you” and everything else just corresponding to that. (If it matters, the caracter is an elf (as in LOTR), who was fluent in English some centuries ago, and now he’s met a non-english human. He may not even realise that his English is far from modern :) )

Just plain English will be welcomed too - if I can't have "Old" English, I will just make a new post "from English to Old English".

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