kati (this_bugs_4_you) wrote in linguaphiles,

2 questions!

hi linguaphiles!  it's been a while since i asked a question but always think of you guys as my linguistic experts :)

first quick question--are there any other language immersion programs in the U.S. besides concordia villages?  not to say there's anything wrong with them; i just wondered if there were options to compare prices, dates, etc.

second--for personal and professional reasons, i would like to become moderately fluent in another language by next year.
what would you do: go back to russian, because i took it for 3 years in college and was fairly intermediate (but it's crazy hard and that was 12 years ago)? go back to french, because i took it much more recently--about 4 years ago (but i only took 3 semesters)? or try something like portuguese or italian, neither of which i've ever studied, but should be fairly easy to pick up based on my spanish

receiving advice, please!
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