Elizabeth (kleinerandroid) wrote in linguaphiles,

Syntactic analysis

Could someone help me with my analysis of the following sentence, please?

'New clinical trials show that including garlic in the diet can reduce cholesterol.'

My analysis so far:

[C [S [Det. [Adj. New]] [Premod. [Adj. clinical]] [H [N trials]] [Pred. [V show]] [Sub.Conj. that] [DO/SP? including garlic in the diet can reduce cholesterol]]

I can't tell if the part that comes after 'that' is either a Direct Object or a Subject Predicative ( or Oblig. Adverbial?). Also whether 'including garlic in the diet' is a VP or a NP, and same goes for 'can reduce cholesterol'.

It's almost like this with every sentence (mostly rel/sub-clauses), I am able to identify the Subject and the Predicate, but I have trouble naming everything that comes after. If someone could please help me get further I would very much appreciate it.

Also, if anyone knows a good online source with examples of tree diagrams, please let me know! Thank you.
Tags: grammar english, syntax

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