Ryn (ryntha_doghare) wrote in linguaphiles,

Spanish Podcasts

Hi all,

I studied Spanish in college up until A-level/International Baccalaureate, but I haven't been studying it for the last two years so I'm looking for ways to keep my knowledge of the language going. I'm looking for podcasts in Spanish that I could listen to - however, I'm not interested in "Learn Spanish"-type podcasts as, firstly, I'm already at a level of proficiency which makes most Learn Spanish podcasts pretty useless, and secondly, I find them incredibly boring. I'm also not interested in the news or politics. 

I was wondering if anyone knew some free Spanish podcasts which are entertaining but not too overly complicated that I am unable to understand them. Podcasts produced by native Spanish speakers and not for Learn Spanish purposes are ideal, but I don't know which ones would use vocabulary that I'm familiar with whilst still being interesting. I would be interested in a variety of subjects but most notably Psychology, Literature or Video Gaming - or just any general comedy podcasts would be great too!

Thanks in advance, everyone.

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