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Potter's wheel? Russian to English

Hi folks - question on this sentence I'm translating.

Russian is:
А рядом с ними лежал, скрючившись, как старая молдавская акация, велосипед, и колеса его крутились, пустым своим верчением напоминая серому небо гончарный круг...

I'm really confused about the part that's highlighted. Why would серое небо be in dative case? It's like saying that it reminded the grey sky of a potter's wheel. Obviously, I think I'm missing something, but I can't figure it out.

Here's what I have, with the mysterious part missing. Can somebody help me solve this puzzle?

Near them, doubled up like an ancient Moldovan acacia tree, lay the bicycle. Its wheels went round and round, and the pointless spinning recalled xxxxxx

A million thanks.

Tags: russian, translation, translation request

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