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Translation help

Hi Folks - this is my first post on LiveJournal. I translate from Russian & Polish to English, and I've heard this a great site to go to for help with sticky problems. I've got one, and any help would be so greatly appreciated.

The sentence I've got to translate is:
Я, допив пиво, разбивал бутылку, брал в правую руку горлышко с очень
– ОЧЕНЬ – неровными краями, и рывком правой распахивал
дверь, за которой стоял сосед.

I've got this:
I drank the last of my beer, smashed the bottle, took the bottleneck in my right hand with its very—VERY—uneven edges, and I jerked open the door with the same hand.

The problem is, I wonder if this is a mistake in the original - shouldn't it be рывком левой? I guess he could pull the door open with the same hand he's holding the bottle in, but that seems strange. If there's no mistake, do I have it correctly?

Thanks a lot. С новым годом!
Tags: russian, translation, translation request
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