Грейс Lumotar* (grianstad) wrote in linguaphiles,
Грейс Lumotar*

Penguin / WLE English project

Has anyone encountered any of these books or maybe any other from this project? I found the first one, Other Worlds, in  a second-hand shop. If there is anybody who read it, you will agree that it is really weird. Stories and verses are obviously carefully chosen for learning English, and the language itself is fascinating, indeed, but it is really weird. I don't have all the books, unfortunalely, but as far as I can tell, every book is dedicated to some topic. "Other Worlds" deals with some afterlife and otherworldly experiences, and mystic, almost half of "The Receiving End" is dedicated to death and tortures, and the pictures are added. Well, it does not scare me, I'm sort of into such things, but the teacher's handbook says that the whole project was designed for 11-year-olds.
So now I wonder, if these books were really used somewhere.The Internet lacks information and comments for any of those, there isn't even a lish of books published. I found some on the Amazon, but I cannot order them from where I live. But this seems very interesting. 
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