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For native Russian speakers


This text is for a design project, with fake book covers in English and their original language. I know basic Russian, and can read and write Cyrillic, but my writing is normally just the standard handwriting style taught at schools. I wanted a scribbly block style for this cover, which is made from brown paper and an old map of Kiev. The English version looks the same, except with Roman letter forms. It's hard to find examples of this type of lettering in Cyrillic, and I have no idea what search term to use in Russian.

Two questions for native speakers:

1) Is the text readable and attractive looking? (Don't worry about the spacing, I want to change that). Do any of the letters look too strange?

2) Where is the best place to split постороннего? The English title is "Death and the Penguin", which fits in quite differently. I think I'll have to split постороннего, but I'm not sure where the most readable place is.

Tags: handwriting, russian, ukrainian, writing

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