runenklinge (runenklinge) wrote in linguaphiles,

Phonetic Transcription

Hi linguaphiles!
For a group presentation (the group now consisting of just me since my mates disappeared) I have to, amongst other things, write a phonetic transcription of an English text.
It's been some time since I did that, and even longer since I had to do it in RP as well.

Could you please take a look behind the cut and tell me if you spot some huge errors?

For the record, I use the Cambridge&Jones book...or will do on monday since I forgot to bring it with me over the weekend. Hence why I'm so uncertain about some words...

"While that's a harsh caricature and while it's likely one of the best written books of its kind, arguably it's still possible that Obama's latest book "The Audacity of Hope", while winning awards at the moment, could still wind up meeting that description. It's the book of a senator, a man of such prominence that he has to choose every word he says publically very carefully, and as a result, winds up saying not much at all."

On a very related matter, does someone know how to type the r-colored schwa or the r-colored vowel ( like in word) with Times New Roman Phonetics? I checked, but I can only find the regular versions.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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