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A quick question for native welsh speakers

It's for an illustration project, with mock-up book covers for a couple of different books in English and their original language. These ones are some well-known Welsh children's books based on local myths and legends. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magician_Trilogy There's no Welsh-language version strangely though, so I'm trying to come up with some decent translations for the titles. They'll only be used for the mockups/ The books are set in N. Wales, near Caenarfon, and the general atmosphere is dreamy and magical, so that's the kind of tone I'm going for. It's not helped by the fact that the dictionary I have doesn't offer any usage information.

The Snow Spider= Y Corryn Eira (I thought corryn sounded better that cop, the other option in the dictionary)
The spider is silver coloured and magic.
Emlyn's Moon= Y Lleuad Emlyn (is lloer more poetic/regional? I've usually seen lleuad in real life, but the dictionary offered me lloer too)
The title refers to both the real moon, and the name of a place, Perllan yr hanner Lleuad, so I went with Lleuad to match it.
The Chestnut Soldier= Y Milwr Castan
The third one is giving me trouble. The title also refers to the colour of the soldier's hair, but castan only seems to refer to the nuts in Welsh as far as I can see, not a colour, and I need to keep the chestnut in.
Tags: literature, speaker judgements, translation, translation request, welsh
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