Rah (sexbirthdeath) wrote in linguaphiles,

How Have You Changed?

Assuming that the majority of people here study at least two languages, in what ways does your second language (or third or fourth) effect your first? How do your non-maiden languages effect each other?

I studied Japanese and Russian for the two semesters I was in college before I dropped out, Japanese and French in high school, and French and Latin in middle school. My grandmother who spoke mostly Serbian taught me a tiny bit when I was younger (but not much at all) and I have a very basic grasp of Romanian from spending the summer there. I've been out of all language practice (except for Romanian) since I dropped out, so for about a year, and unfortunately I've already begun to forget. What's stayed with me though is really just one big (although subtle) change to my accent, which would be the tendency to subconsciously replace the long, nasally A sound with a short A or 'ah'. 

In college I mostly struggled with:
- keeping me Japanese and Russian 'R's in the correct classes
- seeing Cyrillic in English words and reading them incorrectly because of it
- combining Russian/French/Serbian in my head

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