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French text

Hi guys, 

Could someone please tell me what this sentence means? I just can't make out the total meaning.

"Ici sous l’œil philosophe et ancestrale des colonnes romaines qui dominent la mer et rappellent encore la richesse d’un passé millénaire, la jeunesse libanaise savoure au loin d’autres richesses naturelles, et goûte la quiétude d’un pays de gourmandise et de félicité" 

Not a word by word translation: Here are these Roman coloums looking at the sea and they still recall a richness of a thousand year old past. The Libanese youth tastes far from the natural resourses (??), and tastes the tranquility of a greedy and happy country."

Isn't it just nonsense? I mean... the whole documentary is just a bit of everything. A sentence about a Mausoleum, then a sentence about falafel, now a place where Romans used to bathe... and now... Libanese taste the tranquility and the whatever. 
Of course... I am aware of my poor competence and reading comprehension skills in French. 

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

Edited: as I can't even type up a decent entry without typos. If any left... excuse me
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