Kristin, really. (kill) wrote in linguaphiles,
Kristin, really.

Hi, all.  Infrequent poster, but long-time reader (long enough to remember fondly the "Is your name Ben?" thing of beauty from a few years ago).  After graduating  from University of Washington and studying several Romance languages formally, I'm now working in my own little business captioning and transcribing.  I'm fortunate enough to get to transcribe quite a few educational films, which is kind of like going to school every day and is thus--> awesome.  

I'm not sure if this is even a question that could have an answer without hearing the recording in question, but there a way to differentiate between Mandarin and Cantonese from the general tone or sound of the way someone speaks?  For instance, does one have more "sh" sounds and the other more sibilant "s" sounds?  I am transcribing a Chinese gentleman and I'd like to identify his speech more accurately than just [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE].

Being kind of a stickler for finishing things as thoroughly as possible, I thought it'd be nice to figure out which dialect he's speaking.  Alternately, if I can't figure it out, do you think it would be all right to state [SPEAKING CHINESE]?

Thanks for your advice.

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