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Adding Spanish to Italian? Also, studying abroad

I'm thinking of learning Spanish, but I'm not sure how well that would go given the level of proficiency I have in other languages. I'm an Italian major who has been studying German, too, for years. Roughly how difficult would it be to add an intensive beginning Spanish course? Would it be easy to get it mixed up with Italian? I know I managed to get Italian mixed up with German when I first started Italian, which everyone says is ridiculous, so I'm a bit worried about the Spanish.

So, basically, will Spanish be more difficult because of Italian, or less difficult? And what about French? I might have time to add French, too, but I'm torn because it's at the same time as Yiddish and I'd like to take up another Germanic, oyyy

Additionally, I'm planning on going abroad to Italy next year, and I still want to take German and possibly Yiddish. Has anyone had any experience taking one foreign language in another?

Any advice would be great.

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Tags: advice, german, germanic, italian, language acquisition, learning languages, multilingual, multiple languages, romance, spanish, studyingabroad, yiddish

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