Pusteblume Journal (p_b_journal) wrote in linguaphiles,
Pusteblume Journal

Multilingual animal sounds - need your help!

Hello there, linguaphiles! I'm an intern at the translation journal Pusteblume. Every so often we try to take on additional language-related projects, and recently I've been trying to put together what I hope will eventually be the Web's Most Comprehensive List of Multilingual Animal Sounds. However, as I've been getting most of the information I have from the internet and don't speak most of the languages listed, I understandably have no way to tell if any of the sounds listed are incorrect. Additionally, there are quite a few gaps in the spreadsheet currently, and certainly languages that aren't represented yet as well.

That's where you come in. I offer you the spreadsheet; anyone who wants to can add things, change things, comment, or anything else. Please feel free to add new languages, but I'd appreciate it if you kept to the animals we have for the time being. If you want to be credited for your help, leave your name or username in the source sheet. And if you have any questions or comments, leave them here! Thank you so much. :)
Tags: animals, multilingual, multiple languages, onomatopoeia

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