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Japanese On'yomi readings & MacOS X 7.3

(Specifying the OS version as a friend with 10.6 reports different results).

I'm only starting to learn Japanese, at a very, very basic level. To improve my learning and because I needed a sample, I have created a Filemaker solution that allows me to enter kanji and vocabulary so I can review it. And at this point - with, as I said, my Japanese being more or less completely inexistent, I'm running into problems with my Mac's Japanese input.

Or rather, with the On'yomi readings I find and the way that my computer wants me to input kanji.

To get, to pick just a couple of examples, 九 . 工、and 口, I have to type 'ku.' For 九, I have found 'kyu' as the most common romanisation, whereas 工 and 口 tend to be given as 'kou' in numerous internet sources. One of my iPhone Apps, (Basic Kanji), which I've used to look up Kanji gives 'koo, ku' for both of them. And now I'm completely confused,

Who is the authority on On'yomi readings? And what, by extension, should I be learning at this stage? The 'Basic Japanese' readings and Apple's input seem to be a good match, but I don't want to learn the wrong things, or things that later will prove unhelpful. (If I have to learn ''kyuu, but Apple wants me to type ku' then I'll grumble, but I'm ok with it.) I can't, for instance, tell right now how much of Apple's input is predictive (e.g., I type the wrong thing and it gives me what I wanted anyway), and how much of it is 'correct'. (If I type 'ji' one of the items it offers me is '四' which even I know is not correct. Or is it?)

And if someone could explain what I need to type in order to get 十 without jumping through a thousand hoops, I would be ever so grateful, because I feel that there's a principle that I'm missing here. If I type 'jitt' it will offer me '十t’ as an option (so I go and backspace over the 't') but so far I haven't discovered an input string (let alone one corresponding to 'ju' or 'juu') that will actually give me a nice, clear '十' on its own. (I have found a way around, but right now I don't want to go there yet - if I type the Kun'yomi (too), I get the desired result

So I really could use some advice on this one - which readings should I trust/learn? (iPhone app much preferred) 
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