yukie88 (yukie88) wrote in linguaphiles,

a 4 languages blog

Hello there! This is my first post here so, I'll make a small introduction.
I'm an Italian girl that loves languages, cats and indie music.
I'm a graduated student and my major at university is Japanese.
I can also speak English and French, some Chinese and a little German and that's because I love learning about languages that I'm here.
In my free time I run a blog in 4 languages: Italian, English, Japanese and French, where I write
about random things, not only about Italy or Japan.
I also have some pages where I try to teach Italian to Japanese and French people, but I also make some funny posts where I try to teach Romanesco, (Rome's dialect) to everyone.
If you want to have a look you can do it by clicking here .
I hope it can be interesting for you and if you have any advice or even corrections, it would be really appreciated!
Thank you so much for your attention!
Tags: english, french, italian, japanese

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