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A part Mandarin, part Tibetan, part geography question

Background: to practice my very very limited Mandarin, lately I'm studying music by 萨顶顶 Sa Dingding, in this case the Mandarin version of the song 神香 Holy Incense (which it seems like the Tibetan version of the song was used in the movie 喜玛拉雅王子 Prince of the Himalayas?).

I don't really understand the lyrics, although I do have a better idea of what they're about than I did before, but I'm still left with one little puzzle that's stumping me. In the Chinese version, this line occurs twice: 林廓的人. Does anyone know what 林廓 is?

Based on the fact that when I google 林廓 or 林廓的人 I come up with a lot of results that seem to be connected to Tibet, and at the bottom of one Wikipedia article in Mandarin I saw 林廓 in a list of "landmarks of Lhasa" under the heading 城市与宫苑 (but it was only a stub so I couldn't get any information from Wikipedia about it), I'm pretty certain that 林廓 is some place/thing in Tibet and I need to translate it as whatever that place is. Also, in the Tibetan version of the song, a word in Tibetan that sounds roughly akin to 林廓 shows up in the exact same place (the same way 玛旁雍措 Lake Manosarovar and 冈仁波钦 Mount Kailash show up in the same place in both songs).

Here it is in Tibetan, if it helps (I assume the first two syllables are the word I want, but just in case I'm wrong, here's the whole line):

(the second time it occurs one sound is different, but the Mandarin is identical both times)

Thanks for any information you can give me!
Tags: mandarin, place names, tibetan

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